Create a New Financial Ecology for Decentralized Community Autonomy

About MOS

MOS, the first ecosystem based on DAO 2.0-distribution self-made community structure, adopts PoFC (Proof of Finance Contribution) as algorithmic consensus mechanism. It can be applied to various financial applications, providing services including financing, derivatives, agency, commission, credit and others.

MOS provides a whole set of DAF (Decentralized Autonomous Finance) for various applications. The project parties can make use of these protocols and infrastructure easily to develop application scenarios and services for themselves and their members.

Provide safe and reliable decentralized financial services for users around the

MOS Ecosystem

Infrastructure construction of DeFi

As for the special needs like financing, lending, agency and derivatives in the field, MOS provides a whole set of “DAF” for various applications, which can promote easy use of the protocols and infrastructure to develop application scenarios and services for themselves and their members.

Consensus algorithm of PoFC

MOS first proposed the use of PoFC as the algorithm consensus mechanism. Finance contribution includes the combination of financial transaction resources and community contributions, allowing the applications on the platform to adopt different measures to allocation these two contributions in the overall consensus mechanism according to different needs.


Voluntary developers in the community have already developed a number of decentralized wallets based on the MOS concept, and realized the interconnection if chain data and wallet data. They can make users achieve “one-click transfer” of their assets on the platform. In the meantime.


MOS tokens can be used in the decentralized multi-scenario derivative markets. MOS will make use of the characteristics and advantages of #DeFi and FinTech, and apply the token in the decentralized multi-scenario derivative markets to help customers achieve various investment requirements of digital assets based on block chain technology.

Supply-chain finance

Ensure enterprises obtain online multi-party agreements and sign on-chain electronic contracts with the true identity on the MOS platform through the blockchain. The MOS rights management system can ensure that transaction information is shared only with necessary participants, effectively protecting transaction information.

Asset management

MOS will provide block chain asset management service, as well as a package of asset management solutions for autonomous communities and individual investors who participated in building the platform. It can achieve an optimal combination of secure, strong, private and efficient assets through the new management system. Operate to provide new articles.

DAO + DeFi + Blockchain

Promising prospects, endless possibilities

Recently, Gartner a technology consulting company, released the maturity curve of new technologies of 2019, and made DAO as one of the hottest technology trends for the first time. It also said that DAO would be the most likely mature technology in the next five years. At the same time, according to DAppTotal ’s research report, the total value of DeFi’s hedging of the industry continued to increase in the first half of 2019, soaring to USD 1.49 billion on June 30, 2019 to 302 million on January 01, 2019, nearly five times increase in half a year. Thus, the combination of DAO+DeFi+Blockchain is destined to have promising prospects and endless possibilities.

2,000,000,000,000+  $
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Rapid development of DAO


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